The New Chemistry in Sweden: The Debate That Wasn't

  title={The New Chemistry in Sweden: The Debate That Wasn't},
  author={Anders Lundgren},
  pages={146 - 168}
T HE HISTORY OF EIGHTEENTH-CENTURY SWEDISH CHEMISTRY is almost virgin territory as an area of study. There are few scholarly works in the field,' yet Swedish chemists in that period were very productive, not only of published works, but of letters, laboratory notebooks, travel diaries, and other manuscripts-all of which lie unexamined in libraries and archives. This article, a preliminary survey, suggests possible directions for a fuller investigation of that material. The subject is not… 

Scientific pluralism and the Chemical Revolution.

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Filling the Space of Possibilities: Eighteenth-Century Chemistry's Transition from Art to Science

The Argument This paper charts eighteenth-century chemistry's transition from its definition as an art to its proclaimed status as a science. Both the general concept of art and specific practices of

Gruvor och kemi under 1700-talet i Sverige: Nytta och vetenskap

This article discusses the relations between the mining industry and chemistry in Sweden during the 18th century. It is argued that, on the whole, miners worked in what is called a "man-made

Early geological studies and mapping in Sweden

Abstract Geological research and teaching in a modern sense started in Sweden around 1820 with the establishment of a school of mining in Falun, central Sweden. Before that time, geology-related

A.W. Hauch's Role in the Introduction of Antiphlogistic Chemistry into Denmark

L'A. analyse l'impact de la revolution scientifique en chimie au Danemark en decrivant le role du scientifique Chamberlain Adam Wilhelm Hauch qui s'inspira des experiences de Lavoisier

Current Periodical Literature

Coates, J.F., "Forecasting and Planning Today Plus or Minus Twenty Years." TECHNOLOGICAL FORECASTING AND SOCIAL CHANGE 36:1-2 (Aug.'89). [University of California, Center AIDS Prevent. Studies, 74

Aspectos históricos do ensino superior de química

O presente trabalho pretende, sem ser exaustivo, apresentar aspectos historicos essenciais relacionados com a formacao do quimico em nivel superior, "os pequenos fatos significativos", como dizia

The Influence of Science and “Industrial Enlightenment” on Steelmaking, 1786–1856

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Welches sind die Dungarten, die fur die verschiedenen Arten der Aecker am zutraglichsten sind? Und welches sind die Ursachen ihres wohltatigen Einflusses in jedem besondern Falle

  • Underrattelse om fordelacktigaste sattet att anlagga salltpeter-lador och att i stort tillvercka salltpeter

I have not seen a copy of Cramer's book. Ekeberg was a very able analyst, though he published little; see

  • A History of Chemistry, 4 vols
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Berzelius: Levlnadsteckning, 3 vols

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Berzelius (cit. n. 19), pp. 18-19; on Hjelm's discovery of molybdenum see

    Kemiens historia (cit

      Forsok til mineral-rikets upstaillning (Lund, 1795)

        Larbok i kemien, 6 vols

          Most of Afzelius's manuscripts are deposited at the university library in Uppsala, and the full analysis of his theoretical standpoint must wait until this huge collection has been thoroughly studied

          • Svenskt biografiskt lexikon
          • 1916