The New Aztecs: Ritual and Restraint in Contemporary Western Military Operations

  title={The New Aztecs: Ritual and Restraint in Contemporary Western Military Operations},
  author={Zhivan J Alach},
  journal={Defence Studies},
  pages={248 - 271}
  • Z. Alach
  • Published 1 March 2010
  • Political Science
  • Defence Studies
Abstract : Centuries ago, the Aztecs of Central America fought their wars in a ritualized and restrained manner, not seeking total victory but rather the capture of live prisoners. It was a style of warfare that seems strange to us today, who have been brought up on Clausewitzian concepts of the meaning of war. We think of ourselves as scientific, instrumentalist practitioners of the art of war, seeking maximum military effectiveness. The key argument of this monograph is that the Western way… 
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