The Neutrino Mass Window for Baryogenesis

  title={The Neutrino Mass Window for Baryogenesis},
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Interactions of heavy Majorana neutrinos in the thermal phase of the early universe may be the origin of the cosmological matter-antimatter asymmetry. This mechanism of baryogenesis implies stringent constraints on light and heavy Majorana neutrino masses. We derive an improved upper bound on the CP asymmetry in heavy neutrino decays which, together with the kinetic equations, yields an upper bound on all light neutrino masses of 0.1 eV. Lepton number changing processes at temperatures above… 
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Cosmological baryon and lepton number in the presence of electroweak fermion-number violation.
  • Harvey, Turner
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It is necessary that the Universe possess a nonzero value of B\ensuremath{-}L prior to the epoch of fermion-number violation if baryon and lepton asymmetries are to survive.
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  • Luty
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It is found that the lepton-number-violating out-of-equilibrium decays of right-handed neutrinos combined with anomalous electroweak processes can generate the baryon number of the Universe, and that the scenario works for a wide range of parameters in the neutrino sector.
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