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The Network as a Computer with IPv 6 Segment Routing : a Novel Distributed Processing Model for the Internet of Things

  title={The Network as a Computer with IPv 6 Segment Routing : a Novel Distributed Processing Model for the Internet of Things},
  author={Andrea Mayer and Emanuele Cosimo Altomare and Stefano Salsano and Francesco Lo Presti and Clarence Filsfils},
In this position paper, we propose a novel distributed processing model for the IoT, which improves the integration between IoT and Cloud. We give IoT developers an abstract machine that can be programmed using the Instruction Set Architecture of the AVR microcontrollers (the ones used in the Arduino). This abstract machine can be programmed by developers to access, following an I/O port driven approach, any ‘thing’ that is connected to the network. The distributed processing model is based on… Expand

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