The Network Information Center and its Archives

  title={The Network Information Center and its Archives},
  author={Elizabeth J. Feinler},
  journal={IEEE Annals of the History of Computing},
  pages={83 - 89}
  • E. Feinler
  • Published 1 July 2010
  • Computer Science
  • IEEE Annals of the History of Computing
The NIC was the hub of information exchange on the early Internet. This anecdotal article describes what and how information was exchanged back then and describes the dynamic collaboration that set the tone for how business was carried out on the Internet. It also describes what happened to the NIC archives and how they were preserved for posterity. 

Internet histories: the view from the design process

ABSTRACT The electrical engineers and computer scientists who have designed the Internet are among those who have written Internet history. They have done so within the technical document series

Infrastructure, Representation, and Historiography in BBN's Arpanet Maps

The authors begin a retooling of the maps to highlight further what is missing from them: communication flows, gateways to other networks, and hierarchies between its nodes.

Foundations of Information Systems Dynamics

Based on the mathematical foundations, eleven types of information measure efficacies and their distribution across information systems are put forward and comprehensively analyzed, which constitutes the basic theoretical framework of information systems dynamics with general significance.

Arpanet (1969–2019)

Abstract ARPANET’s story is part of the Internet’s official heritage, as a first crucial step in its development. Janet Abbate’s seminal work Inventing the Internet (1999) has extensively covered its

The Impact of Women in Computer Science History

  • Karina Mochetti
  • Computer Science
    Transversal: International Journal for the Historiography of Science
  • 2019
The essay wants to plea for the integration of these women in the literature, i.e., in the historiography of computer sciences, which requires to reconsider the self-image of this discipline.

Infrastructure, Representation, and Historiography in BBN’s Arpanet Maps

A retooling of the maps of the Arpanet to highlight further what is missing from them: flows, gateways, and hierarchy.



Domain names - implementation and specification

This RFC is the revised specification of the protocol and format used in the implementation of the Domain Name System. It obsoletes RFC-883. This memo documents the details of the domain name client

A research center for augmenting human intellect

This paper describes a multisponsor research center at Stanford Research Institute in man-computer interaction that aims to provide real-time information about the interaction between man and computer.

NIC/QUERY, a Novice User Interface Program

Position Indicator for a Display System, US patent 3,541,541, to Stanford Research Inst

  • Patent and Trademark Office,
  • 1970

Domain Names Implementation

  • Elizabeth Feinler was the director of SRI Network Information Systems Center until 1989 and then worked for the NASA Science Internet at NASA Ames Research Center from
  • 1983

NICNAME/WHOIS, RFCs 812 and 954

  • Mar. 1982 and Oct
  • 1985