The Nemertodermatida are basal bilaterians and not members of the Platyhelminthes

  title={The Nemertodermatida are basal bilaterians and not members of the Platyhelminthes},
  author={U. Jondelius and I. Ruiz-Trillo and J. Bagu{\~n}{\'a} and M. Riutort},
  journal={Zoologica Scripta},
  • U. Jondelius, I. Ruiz-Trillo, +1 author M. Riutort
  • Published 2002
  • Biology
  • Zoologica Scripta
  • Recent hypotheses on metazoan phylogeny have recognized three main clades of bilaterian animals: Deuterostomia, Ecdysozoa and Lophotrochozoa. The acoelomate and ‘pseudocoelomate’ metazoans, including the Platyhelminthes, long considered basal bilaterians, have been referred to positions within these clades by many authors. However, a recent study based on ribosomal DNA placed the flatworm group Acoela as the sister group of all other extant bilaterian lineages. Unexpectedly, the nemertodermatid… CONTINUE READING
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