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The Need of Research Culture in Pakistan

  title={The Need of Research Culture in Pakistan},
  author={G. Z. Jahangir},
Education is the key to the success of a nation. The history of the world is a witness to the fact. In the current times, higher education has attained a central role in the process of progress and prosperity. Research is the essence of higher education, and is being given prime importance all over the world. All the prosperous nations of the world have developed a ‘research culture’ in their academic institutions. Pakistan is far behind in research and up till now has not been successful in… Expand
Constraints in journal publishing and international research collaboration in the Asia Pacific Region
International research collaboration is when researchers from various nations working together to achieve the common goal of producing new scientific knowledge and internationally co-authored papersExpand
Employment Preferences and Self-Perceived Confidence
now and then.[4] There is a lack of a regulatory system in our profession, which can have serious dental education consequences in the long run. AA Khan (2018) highlighted that the dental workforceExpand