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The Need for Cultural Studies: Resisting Intellectuals and Oppositional Public Spheres

  title={The Need for Cultural Studies: Resisting Intellectuals and Oppositional Public Spheres},
  author={Henry A. Giroux and David R. Shumway and Paul Julian Smith and James J. Sosnoski},
'Queer Theory': Intellectual and Ethical Milieux of 1990s Sexual Dissidence
The main problem addressed by this thesis is the question of how to assess the politics and the cultural effects and implications of 'Queer Theory' during the period of the 1990s. 'Queer' was invoked
Ecocrtical Scholarship toward Social Justice and Sustainability in Teacher Education
Teaching in our current moment in history is a challenging task. While teachers may ostensibly focus on one designated subject or content area, they can find themselves struggling to help students
Public Scholarship and Greek America: Personal Reflections, Intellectual Vocations
This essay explores Modern Greek Studies as public scholarship from the angle of Greek American cultural studies. The author’s intellectual biography serves as a departure point to situate Modern
Cultural Studies and the Reinvention of English Pedagogy in India
The last two decades have witnessed a crisis in English departments in India. Globalization and the liberalization of the Indian economy spawned a new nationalism that was openly political and
Revitalizing Critical Discourses in Social Education: Opportunities for a More Complexified (Un)Knowing
Abstract The author seeks to revitalize the interests of social educators in the value of using critical, postmodern discourses for rich comprehension of and productive scholarly research in our
The Personal is still Political: Museums, Participation and Copyright
Copyright is a means of managing the interests of individual authors and those of the ‘public interest’. In a museum context, copyright is a technical practice which illuminates how museums imagine
Gramsci, theory, and modernity: A historical-contextual approach to Antonio Gramsci's conception of race, sex, culture, and politics
Gramsci, Theory, and Modernity: A Historical-Contextual Approach to Antonio Gramsci’s Conception of Race, Sex, Culture, and Politics.(May 2012) Robert Carley, B.A., Rutgers University; M.A.I.S.,
The Balance of Public and Private Identities for Lesbian Teachers
Although tolerance and acceptance of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people is growing in the United States, misconceptions and heterosexism still abound. Schools are one of the institutions