The Nayar Family in a Disintegrating Matrilineal System1

  title={The Nayar Family in a Disintegrating Matrilineal System1},
  author={Chie Nakane},
  journal={International Journal of Comparative Sociology},
  pages={17 - 28}
  • C. Nakane
  • Published 1 March 1962
  • Sociology
  • International Journal of Comparative Sociology
N this short essay, I will present one case of the disintegration of a Nayar Tarwad (matrilineal joint family), based on the materials collected by myself. The general institutional system of a traditional Nayar tarwad is already well known, and has been much discussed recently by anthropologists, including K. Gough.2 Here I state it briefly as a preface to the main discussion. A traditional Nayar tarwad was a property group consisting of a matrilineal lineage exclusively, headed and…