The Naturecultures of Foie Gras

  title={The Naturecultures of Foie Gras},
  author={Deborah Heath and Anne Meneley},
  journal={Food, Culture \& Society},
  pages={421 - 452}
Abstract Based on our fieldwork with foie gras producers in the United States and France, this paper examines the relations among social, technical and nonhuman animal worlds in foie gras production. Expanding Mauss's classic conception of “techniques of the body” to include techniques that link animal and human bodies, we consider insights from science studies scholars like Haraway, Latour and Goodman. Posing the question of whether foie gras is natural or pathological, we juxtapose those who… Expand
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Australian meat consumers’ understandings of farm animal welfare
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The debate over foie gras has been marked by much emotion. Opponents of foie gras refer mainly to personal feelings and observations rather than from experimental approaches. Opponents generallyExpand
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