The Nature of X-Rays

  title={The Nature of X-Rays},
  author={W. Bragg},
IT is, of course, true that my letter (dated June 5) to which Dr. Barkla refers was written before I had had the opportunity of studying Dr. Barkla's latest results. A portion of my argument was based on his earlier work, and may need a little alteration in consequence. I have myself found by recent experiment that his older statements needed amendment. For example, the emergence and incidence secondary Röntgen radiations differ both in quality and quantity; the former is sometimes far greater… Expand
Scientific conclusions need not be accurate, justified, or believed by their authors
We argue that the main results of scientific papers may appropriately be published even if they are false, unjustified, and not believed to be true or justified by their author. To defend this claimExpand