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In the exposition of one of the main thematic threads of their subject matter, the authors itemise three types of conceptually different systems, only two of which were academically studied and (generally) understood by the progressive expansion of scientific research and theory in relation to the study of natural phenomena exhibited around us in our terrestrial environment upon this earth, and in the local cosmic environment within which the terrestrial is embedded. Ista es la versisn G o o g l e guardada en el cachi de la obtenida el 20 May 2007 22:53:07 GMT. La cachi de G o o g l e es la instantanea de la pagina que tomamos cuando exploramos la Web en forma automatica. Es posible que la pagina haya cambiado desde entonces. Haga clic aqum para ver la pagina actual sin resaltar. Esta pagina guardada en el cachi puede hacer referencia a imagenes que ya no estan disponibles. Haga clic aqum para obtener znicamente el texto guardado en el cachi. Para vincularse a esta pagina o para marcarla, utilice el siguiente url: 22&hl=es&ct=clnk&cd=9&gl=es

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