The Nature of γ and X-Rays

  title={The Nature of $\gamma$ and X-Rays},
  author={William Henry Sir Bragg},
IN a letter to NATURE of October 31, 1907 (vol. lxxvi., p. 661), a copy of which arrived here recently, Mr. Barkla criticises a paper of mine which was published in the Philosophical Magazine for October. In that paper I tried to show how closely the properties of γ and X-rays were in agreement with the hypothesis that they consisted mainly at least of neutral pairs, and I pointed out that even the peculiar polarisation effects which Mr. Barkla had shown to exist might be explained, not… 

XV. The asymmetric emission of secondary rays

(1913). XV. The asymmetric emission of secondary rays. The London, Edinburgh, and Dublin Philosophical Magazine and Journal of Science: Vol. 25, No. 145, pp. 144-150.

Scientific conclusions need not be accurate, justified, or believed by their authors

We argue that the main results of scientific papers may appropriately be published even if they are false, unjustified, and not believed to be true or justified by their author. To defend this claim

Defect-characterized phase transition kinetics

Phase transitions are a common phenomenon in condensed matter and act as a critical degree of freedom that can be employed to tailor the mechanical or electronic properties of materials.

Synthesis and Characterization of Carbon nanowalls by ICP-CVD using Aluminium-Acetylacetonate precursor

A new method of synthesis of carbon nanowalls using acetylacetonate as metal organic precursor is presented. The films were deposited in ICP-CVD generated argon plasma by varying gas flow rate,

Characterization Using Passive or Interactive Techniques

Analytical techniques can be distinguished between passive ones, taking profit of the inherent activity of the sample, and those which are interactive in character.

Fundamental of Graphene