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The Nature and Content of a New-Generation War

  title={The Nature and Content of a New-Generation War},
  author={Sergey G. Chekinov and Sergey A. Bogdanov},
The authors make an analysis of print publications put out by the Russian Ministry of Defense and other sources devoted to the country's security today and offer an insight into the nature and content of a new-gen eration war. 

Russia’s Indirect and Asymmetric Methods as a Response to the New Western Way of War

This research explains the context in which General Valery Gerasimov’s often cited article, “The Value of Science Is in the Foresight: New Challenges Demand Rethinking the Forms and Methods of

Russian Military Thinking – A New Generation of Warfare

Abstract This article deals with how Russian warfighting is described and discussed in contemporary Russian military theory. The approach has been studies, analyses and interpretations of primarily

The Changing Nature of Modern Warfare

While Western militaries recognise the logic and necessity of ‘irregular warfare’ in their military operations, the manifold aspects of irregular fighting have yet to be mastered fully. Information

Postmodern warfare and the blurred boundaries between war and peace

ABSTRACT Each age has its own wars and its own forms of warfare. In today’s evolving world risk society warfare has entered a new development stage. The states of the “global North” adapt their forms

Cyber Conflict Bibliography, 2015 Update

The purpose of this bibliography, originally prepared for the Future of Cyber Warfare symposium held at The George Washington University Law School in April 2012, is to provide scholarly and other

The Design of Russia’s Economic Warfare Against Ukraine

ABSTRACT This article provides a case study on the use of economic tools within the concept of ‘hybrid warfare’ by looking at the Ukrainian-Russian conflict of 2014. The article makes the

No Victory Without Movement: The Crimean Crisis In The Context of Russian Military Strategy

What factors influence the development of a state’s military strategy? The study of military strategy has focused primarily on institutional constraints imposed by state apparatuses, material and

Armed Forces As The Russian Federation’s Strategic Tool

  • M. Banasik
  • Political Science
    Journal on Baltic Security
  • 2019
Abstract The experience of the past decade shows a steadily increasing role of the armed forces in the implementation of Moscow’s strategic aspirations. The aim of this work is to present the

Russia’s Hybrid War in Theory and Practice

Abstract The warfare is evolving and it is confirmed by last conflicts in which Russia was involved. They were asymmetric in nature and their objectives, developments, consequences in broader sense

The Russian Influence Strategy in Its Contested Neighbourhood

  • Marco Marsili
  • Sociology
    The Russian Federation in Global Knowledge Warfare
  • 2021
The collapse of the Soviet Union has been followed by a series of conflicts between the Russian Federation and its neighbours. Although some of these conflicts have been fought at the kinetic level,



Tsennost' naukiv predvideniyi [Prevision Is What Science Is Valued For],

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Pereyti otzaklinaniyi vozzvaniyk prakticheskoy deyatel'nosti [Abandon Incantations and Supplications, and Act].

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Voyna i voyennaya nauka na sovremennom etape [War and Military Science Today]," Voyenno-promyshlenniy kur'yer

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