The Naturalization of Indic Loan-Words into Burmese: Adoption and Lexical Transformation

  title={The Naturalization of Indic Loan-Words into Burmese: Adoption and Lexical Transformation},
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Drowning in Context
  • M. Edwards
  • Political Science
    Comparative Studies of South Asia, Africa and the Middle East
  • 2021
Recent reforms in Myanmar afforded local Christians new opportunities to more actively share the gospel with Buddhists. In doing so they entered into a public sphere tentatively emerging from five
First Classified Annotated Bibliography of NLP Tasks in the Burmese Language of Myanmar
First formal attempt to present a bibliography of research works pertinent to NLP tasks in Burmese language, specifically elaborated by annotations as well as classifications of NLP task research works in NLP related categories is presented.


Dictionary of the Nepali Language. With Indexes of all words quoted from other Indo-Aryan languages. By R. L. Turner. 12¼ × 9¾, pp. xxiii + 935. London: Kegan Paul, Trench, Trubner and Co., Ltd., 1931.
  • Sten Konow
  • Linguistics
    Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society
  • 1931
cervix uteri). The last line should be translated, " anoint the pubes therewith frequently." The internal prescription of w'am, grease and sweet ale, is clearly an emetic to relieve the sickness of
Burmese/Myanmar dictionary of grammatical forms
Suffixes, prefixes and other bound forms play a prominent part in the grammar of Burmese/Myanmar: they carry almost all the grammatical information contained in a sentence. This dictionary is a
Languages in Contact: The Case of English and Burmese
The nature and the effects of the long period of linguistic contact between Burmese and English are discussed, and the processes of phonological and semantic accommodation that they reflect are considered.