The National Library of Medicine. I

  title={The National Library of Medicine. I},
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Etiology of anemia in children aged between 6 months and 18 years
Bu calismada farkli yas gruplarinda anemi etiyolojisini belirlemeyi ve sosyal farkindalik yaratmayi amacladik yapilmasi gerektigi sonucuna varilmistir risk altindaki toplumlarda tarama vardi.
Preparing public librarians for consumer health information service: A nation-wide study
Public librarians wish to receive training on a number of topics that could help address the challenges they face, and the most favorable training format for them, among all the options provided in the survey, is self-paced online tutorial.
Health promotion by setting up medical and health information services in public libraries: A qualitative approach
Since users need to have access to reliable information, it seems necessary to provide a local model for this purpose to produce and distribute medical and health information resources can be helpful to the public.
GPU-based lossless volume data compression
  • S. Guthe, M. Goesele
  • Computer Science
    2016 3DTV-Conference: The True Vision - Capture, Transmission and Display of 3D Video (3DTV-CON)
  • 2016
This paper proposes a lossless compression and caching strategy that allows random access and decompression on the GPU using a compressed volume object.
Closed-loop planning and control of steerable medical needles
The first approach uses a fast motion planning algorithm that unifies planning and control by continuously replanning, enabling correction for perturbations as they occur and significantly improves the probability of success compared to prior approaches.
An Analyzing of the Current CHI Services in Korean Public Libraries
ABSTRACT The increased interest in consumer health information(CHI) has brought about a rapid increase in CHI resources. There are diverse means for obtaining such infor mation, and one CHI
DO YOU THINK? OR DO YOU KNOW? Improving State Government Operations Through Business Analytics
It is no surprise that the amount and diversity of data that is collected by state government continues to grow. As large enterprises, state government organizations reflect the global trends in data
Automatic segmentation of cortical region of the brain from MR images
A fully automated method for segmentation of cortical regions from 3D magnetic resonance images (MRI) of thebrain using a pre-labelled anatomic atlas of the brain that guides the segmentation process is described.
Hardware-beschleunigte Volumenvisualisierung auf adaptiven Datenstrukturen
In vielen Disziplinen und Anwendungsgebieten spielen Volumendaten heutzutage eine immer wichtigere Rolle und der Einsatz von Graphik-Hardware stellt eine gute Moglichkeit dar, den mit der