The National Archives of Cameroon in Yaoundé and Buea

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Even in learned journals on African and imperial history, few references have been made to the records contained in the archives in Cameroon, West Africa. Kamerun was a German colony (Schutzgebiet) from 1884-1916/19. In 1911, the Germans took over New Cameroon (Neu Kamerun), 295,000 km2 of land of French Equatorial Africa, ceded during the second Morocco Crisis. After World War I this transaction was reversed and the German colony was separated into French and British League of Nations Mandates… 
The Life and Experiences of Sa`id Ibn Hayatu, a Mahdist Leader: New Findings from the Buea Archive
abstract: This article examines records from the Buea National Archives in Cameroon to illuminate our understanding of Shaykh Sa`id ibn Hayatu’s experience in exile after he was arrested for
‘Community’ collaboration in Africa: Experiences from Northwest Cameroon
A prominent feature of the literature on language documentation has been the importance of designing documentary projects in ways that allow speaker communities to benefit from the work of an outside
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The Lower Fungom region of Northwest Cameroon is noteworthy for its exceptional linguistic diversity: Seven languages, or small language clusters, are spoken in its thirteen recognized villages. This


Colonial Archives in Cameroon
One of the biggest problems facing the new gèneration of scholars currently dealing with European imperialism is the lack of information in the West about the location and availability of archival
The National Archives of Cameroon
As of July, 1973, the National Archives of Cameroon were located in two offices: a main branch at the capital, Yaoundé, and a second collection at Buea, the former British West Cameroon capital. Both
Retrieving Hidden Traces of the Intercultural Past: An Introduction to Archival Resources in Cameroon, with Special Reference to the Central Archives of the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon
Towards the end of 1886 four missionaries set foot on Cameroonian soil in the harbor of Douala. They were representatives of the Switzerland based Basel Mission (BM) who had arrived to take over from