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The Nameless African Wife of Potiphar and her contribution to Ancient Israel

  title={The Nameless African Wife of Potiphar and her contribution to Ancient Israel},
  author={David Tuesday Adamo},
  journal={Old Testament essays},
  • D. Adamo
  • Published 2013
  • History
  • Old Testament essays
The wife of Potiphar is popularly believed to have come from Egypt on the African continent like her husband. She is referred to as the "African Wife of Potiphar" not only because Egypt is part of the African continent, but also because the ancient Egyptians referred to themselves as having ancestors in Punt along the coast of Somali Land. Despite the fact that the discussion centres on the woman's seduction or her misbehaviour, her action has a blessing on its own. The woman is pivotal to the… Expand
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