The Name of the Vestal, or When a Vestal is Named

  title={The Name of the Vestal, or When a Vestal is Named},
  author={Claudia Beltr{\~a}o and Patricia Horvat},
The Vestals were not to be named and usually they were not, so we know few names of priestesses when compared to the best-known names of Roman male public priests. Rare examples of priestesses’ names appear in contexts that allow us to question the categories presiding their identification. Livy’s Republican Vestals are named especially when they are criminally indicted de incestum , a particularly serious religious offence in Rome and punishable by death. Without developing the debate on the… 
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The Vestal Virgins’ Socio-political Role and the Narrative of Roma Aeterna

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Vestale, incestus et juridiction pontificale sous la République romaine

Claire Lovisi, Vestale, incestus et juridiction pontificale sour la Republique romaine, p. 699-735. La justice qu'exercait le grand pontife sur la vestale incesta presentait de nombreux traits

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The election of the Vestal Virgins : a mirror of social evolution (3rd century BC to 1st century AD) The appointment of a Vestal Virgin was a complex procedure. On the basis of ancient texts this

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    Journal of Roman Studies
  • 1980
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The Romans and ritual murder.

  • C. E. Schultz
  • History
    Journal of the American Academy of Religion. American Academy of Religion
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After examining the ways sources talk about ritual murder, especially as it was practiced by foreign peoples and subversive or tyrannical elements within Roman society, this discussion turns to the issue of the forms of ritual murder performed by the Romans.

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