The Name Jerusalem in a Late Second Temple Period Jewish Inscription

  title={The Name Jerusalem in a Late Second Temple Period Jewish Inscription},
  author={Y. Baruch and D. Levi and R. Reich},
  journal={Tel Aviv},
  pages={108 - 118}
  • Y. Baruch, D. Levi, R. Reich
  • Published 2020
  • Art
  • Tel Aviv
  • The article presents a late Second Temple period Jewish inscription discovered on a column drum at the Binyanei Ha<Umma excavations in modern Jerusalem. The inscription is unique: to the best of our knowledge it is the first occurrence in the archaeological record that contains the full version of the name Jerusalem (YRWÚLYM), with the waw and the final yod. Since the original provenance of the inscription is unknown, its purpose is obscure. One of its outstanding details is the name of the… CONTINUE READING


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