The Nabataeans: A Historical Sketch

  title={The Nabataeans: A Historical Sketch},
  author={Jean Starcky},
  journal={The Biblical Archaeologist},
  pages={84 - 106}
  • Jean Starcky
  • Published 1 December 1955
  • History
  • The Biblical Archaeologist
The Nabataeans first appear in the pages of history in the year 312 B. C., some ten years after the death of Alexander the Great. At this time one of his generals, Antigonus, had gained ascendency over a major portion of his empire. We are informed that an unruly Arab tribe called Nabataeans refused to recognize the suzerainty of Alexander's successor. Though they were few in numbers, a bare ten thousand apparently, their independence was annoying, for they controlled the rich trade which… 

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