The Na, K-ATPase in the failing human heart.

  title={The Na, K-ATPase in the failing human heart.},
  author={Robert H. G. Schwinger and Henning Bundgaard and Jochen M{\"u}ller-Ehmsen and K. Kjeldsen},
  journal={Cardiovascular research},
  volume={57 4},
The Na, K-ATPase consists of alpha- and beta-subunits and actively transports Na out and K into the myocyte. It is the receptor for cardiac glycosides exerting its positive inotropic effect by inhibiting enzyme activity, decreasing the driving force for the Na/Ca-exchange and increasing cellular content and release of Ca during depolarization. The specific binding capacity for cardiac glycosides is utilized as a tool for Na, K-ATPase quantification with high accuracy and precision. In treatment… CONTINUE READING