The NYU Ada translator and interpreter

  title={The NYU Ada translator and interpreter},
  author={Robert B. K. Dewar and Gerald A. Fisher and Edmond Schonberg and Robert A. Froehlich and Stephen Bryant and Clinton F. Goss and Michael G. Burke},
  booktitle={SIGPLAN '80},
The NYU-Ada project is engaged in the design and implementation of a translator-interpreter for the Ada language. The objectives of this project are twofold: a) to provide an executable semantic model for the full Ada language, that can be used for teaching, and serve as a starting point for the design of an efficient Ada compiler; b) to serve as a testing ground for the software methodology that has emerged from our experience with the very-high level language SETL. In accordance with these… Expand
Eecient Loop-level Parallelism in Ada
Parallelism in scientiic applications can most often be found at the loop level. Although Ada supports parallelism via the task construct, its coarseness renders it unsuitable for this lightweightExpand
Software Design for Real-Time Systems on Parallel Computers: Formal Specifications.
In this research, a specification model called Parallel REal Time specification Language (PRETsEL) was defined, which leverages off of existing models while adding the necessary syntax and semantics lacking in existing models in supporting specification of real-time systems for parallel architectures. Expand
A bibliography on syntax error handling in context free languages
This bibliography grew out of a graduate seminar course conducted jointly with Fred Ires and with the part icipation of Laura Babbitt , John Morgan and Henry Worth, in the Winter of 1989. Expand
Approaches to Prototyping
A systematic look at Prototyping and the development of Integrated Office Information Systems Within the Framework of Trialog-oriented Processes. Expand
Is Ada too big? A designer answers the critics
Many have criticized the Department of Defense's new computer language, Ada, saying it is too large, too complicated, or too difficult to use. Are they right? And are there some simplifications thatExpand
A Bibliography of Books and Other Publications about the Ada Programming Language and Its History
This document catalogs the major players in the music industry, as well as some minor players, which were introduced in the second half of the 1990s and are still in use today. Expand
Design and Development of Information System Template Prototype for Maritime Transportation
This paper details the step-by-step production of a real world scenario and modular template for a marine information system from the theories involved to its design, development, implementation andExpand
System Design, Development & Deployment Using Rapid By-Customer Demand With Business Principles Approach
A marine information system that was developed using the proposed methodology and is compared with existing formally defined methodologies though their principles, processes and practices to show the applicability and effectiveness of the proposed method. Expand


The elements of SETL style.
SETL is a very-high level programming language whose basic semantic constructs are those of the mathematical theory of sets, whose basic primitive operations include set membership, union, intersection, power set construction, etc. Expand
Programming by Refinement, as Exemplified by the SETL Representation Sublanguage
The facilities provided by the representation sublanguage and the run-time data structures that it can generate are described and a heuristic which uses some of the methods of global program analysis and which should be capable of selecting an acceptably efficient representation automatically is given. Expand
Rationale for the design of the Ada programming language
This book discusses classical programming, general program structure - visibility and overloading, and representation classes and machine dependences in the context of knowledge representation. Expand
Efficient implementation of Ada Tasks
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Re ferences @BULLET
  • Re ferences @BULLET
Syntax error recovery in LALR(1) parsers
  • Courant Institute report