The NTSC VLBI System and its application in UT1 measurement

  title={The NTSC VLBI System and its application in UT1 measurement},
  author={Dang Yao and Yuan-wei Wu and Bo Zhang and Jing Sun and Yan Sun and S. Xu and Jia Liu and Langming Ma and Jian-Jun Gong and Ying Yang and Xuhai Yang},
  journal={arXiv: Instrumentation and Methods for Astrophysics},
In order to measure the Universal Time (UT1) in real time, National Time Service Center (NTSC) has built a VGOS-like (VLBI Global Observing System) broadband VLBI network, which includes three 13-m radio telescopes located in Jilin, Sanya and Kashi, and a data analysis center in Xi'an. Each station is equipped with a highly stable hydrogen atomic clock and a self-developed VLBI backend, and is co-located with two GPS receivers. This VGOS-like VLBI network may play an important role in improving… Expand
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  • 2017