Corpus ID: 125200912

The NSBRI/APL neutron energy spectrometer

  title={The NSBRI/APL neutron energy spectrometer},
  author={Richard H. Maurer and David R Roth and James D. Kinnison and Dennis K. Haggerty and John O. Goldsten},
  • Richard H. Maurer, David R Roth, +2 authors John O. Goldsten
  • Published 2006
  • Physics
  • Long-term interplanetary space travel and habitation produce enhanced risks to astronauts as a result of the high-energy cosmic rays and protons unmitigated by any thick planetary atmospheres and protective magnetic fields such as those of Earth. The high-energy collisions of these cosmic rays and protons with thick structures and thin atmospheres produce a secondary "beam" of charged particle fragments and neutrons that are more numerous than the incident primary particles. Since 1997, APL has… CONTINUE READING

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