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The NSBE Space SIG Tricorder Project

  title={The NSBE Space SIG Tricorder Project},
  author={Christianna E. Taylor},
Nothing is more iconic than the sight of Geordi from the science fiction TV series Star Trek: The Next Generation augmenting tricorders for use on planetary surface missions. Whether it was to determine the oxygen content, wind systems, or biological signs on the planet, the engineer of the Star Trek crew always played a vital role monitoring the environmental conditions around the crew as they discovered new planets and civilizations throughout the solar system. The NSBE Space Special Interest… 


AudioDAQ: turning the mobile phone's ubiquitous headset port into a universal data acquisition interface

The viability of the AudioDAQ architecture is evaluated by evaluating an end-to-end system that can capture EKG signals continuously for hours and send the data to the cloud for storage, processing, and visualization.