The NREL outdoor accelerated-weathering tracking system and photovoltaic module exposure results

  title={The NREL outdoor accelerated-weathering tracking system and photovoltaic module exposure results},
  author={Thomas Basso},
This paper describes the Outdoor Accelerated-weathering Tracking System (OATS) and interim results for the first OATS study on photovoltaic (PV) modules. With two test planes measuring 1.52×1.83 m, OATS provides a unique solar-concentrating exposure capability. Test sample temperatures are moderated by air blowers. Water spray capability exists for wetting samples. The OATS two-axis tracker points to the sun using software calculations. Non-imaging aluminum reflectors give a nominal clear-sky… 
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The NREL Outdoor Accelerated- Weathering Tracking System and Photovoltaic Module Exposure Results
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