The NKG2D receptor: immunobiology and clinical implications.

  title={The NKG2D receptor: immunobiology and clinical implications.},
  author={Steven J. Burgess and Kerima Maasho and Madhan Masilamani and Sriram Narayanan and Francisco Rubio Borrego and John E. Coligan},
  journal={Immunologic research},
  volume={40 1},
NK cells are critical components of our immune system functioning, in part, to recognize and then eradicate virally infected or tumorigenic cells without previous sensitization. One of the best-characterized activating receptors expressed on NK cells is the NKG2D receptor, which is capable of transmitting co-stimulatory signals by subsets of T cells. Viruses and tumors have evolved strategies to evade NKG2D-mediated immune recognition thus highlighting the importance of this receptor in… CONTINUE READING