The NIF x-ray spectrometer calibration campaign at Omega.

  title={The NIF x-ray spectrometer calibration campaign at Omega.},
  author={Francisco de As{\'i}s P{\'e}rez and Gary Kemp and Sean P. Regan and Manuel A. Barrios and J. E. Pino and Howard A. Scott and Sunitha Ayers and Hucheng Chen and Janet Emig and Jeffrey D Colvin and Michael Bedzyk and M J Shoup and A Agliata and B. Yaakobi and Frederick J. Marshall and Robert A. Hamilton and J. Jaquez and Mark P Farrell and Abbas Nikroo and K B Fournier},
  journal={The Review of scientific instruments},
  volume={85 11},
The calibration campaign of the National Ignition Facility X-ray Spectrometer (NXS) was carried out at the Omega laser facility. Spherically symmetric, laser-driven, millimeter-scale x-ray sources of K-shell and L-shell emission from various mid-Z elements were designed for the 2-18 keV energy range of the NXS. The absolute spectral brightness was measured by two calibrated spectrometers. We compare the measured performance of the target design to radiation hydrodynamics simulations.