The NANOGrav 11 Year Data Set: Pulsar-timing Constraints on the Stochastic Gravitational-wave Background

  title={The NANOGrav 11 Year Data Set: Pulsar-timing Constraints on the Stochastic Gravitational-wave Background},
  author={Zaven Arzoumanian and Paul Thomson Baker and Adam Brazier and Sarah Burke-Spolaor and Sydney JoAnne Chamberlin and Shami Chatterjee and Brian John Christy and James M. Cordes and Neil John Cornish and Fronefield Crawford and H. Thankful Cromartie and Kathryn Crowter and M. E. Decesar and Paul B. Demorest and Timothy Dolch and J. Austin Ellis and Robert Daniel Ferdman and Elizabeth C Ferrara and William M. Folkner and Emmanuel Fonseca and N. E. Garver-Daniels and Peter A. Gentile and Roland Haas and Jeffrey Shafiq Hazboun and E. A. Huerta and Kristina Islo and Glenn Jones and Megan L. Jones and David L. Kaplan and Victoria M. Kaspi and Michael Thomas Lam and T. Joseph L. W. Lazio and Linda S. Levin and Andrea Natalie Lommen and Duncan Ross Lorimer and Jun Luo and Ryan S. Lynch and Dustin R. Madison and M. A. Mclaughlin and S. Mcwilliams and Chiara Maria Francesca Mingarelli and Cherry F.-N. Ng and David John Nice and Ryan Sherman Park and Timothy T. Pennucci and Nihan Pol and Scott M. Ransom and Paul S. Ray and Alexander Rasskazov and Xavier A. Siemens and Jonathan Aaron Simon and Ren'ee Spiewak and Ingrid H. Stairs and Daniel R. Stinebring and Kevin Stovall and Joseph Karl Swiggum and Scott Richard Taylor and Michele Vallisneri and Sarah Jane Vigeland and Wen-liang Zhu},
We search for an isotropic stochastic gravitational-wave background (GWB) in the newly released $11$-year dataset from the North American Nanohertz Observatory for Gravitational Waves (NANOGrav). While we find no significant evidence for a GWB, we place constraints on a GWB from a population of supermassive black-hole binaries, cosmic strings, and a primordial GWB. For the first time, we find that the GWB upper limits and detection statistics are sensitive to the Solar System ephemeris (SSE… CONTINUE READING


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