The N-terminus of mature human frataxin is intrinsically unfolded

  title={The N-terminus of mature human frataxin is intrinsically unfolded},
  author={Filippo Prischi and Clelia Giannini and Salvatore Adinolfi and Annalisa Pastore},
  booktitle={The FEBS journal},
Frataxin is a highly conserved nuclear-encoded mitochondrial protein whose deficiency is the primary cause of Friedreich's ataxia, an autosomal recessive neurodegenerative disease. The frataxin structure comprises a well-characterized globular domain that is present in all species and is preceded in eukaryotes by a non-conserved N-terminal tail that contains the mitochondrial import signal. Little is known about the structure and dynamic properties of the N-terminal tail. Here, we show that… CONTINUE READING


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