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The Myth of Social Network Analysis as a Special Method in the Social Sciences

  title={The Myth of Social Network Analysis as a Special Method in the Social Sciences},
  author={Mark S. Granovetter and Karl Marx},
THE DENIAL In the history of public speaking, there have been many famous denials. One sunny day in 18 8 0, Karl Marx declared : "I am not a Marxist". On a less auspicious occasion in 1973, Richard Nixon insisted "I am not a crook". Neither Marx's nor Nixon's audience gave much credence to their denials, and you too may respond with disbelief when I tell you that "I am not a networker!". You may want to know what has driven me to such a claim. In response I tell you that for seventeen years, I… Expand
If Parsons Had PAJEK: The Relevance of Midcentury Structural-Functionalism to Dynamic Network Analysis
Important connections that exist between the key assumptions of social network analysis and the key tenets of some of the most influential structural-functional theories – especially those of Robert K. Merton and Talcott Parsons and their collaborators and followers are highlighted. Expand
Il Mulino-Rivisteweb
In this paper I illustrate the polisemy of the concept of embeddness in Mark Granovetter’s work. In the introduction of the essay that Granovetter wrote for French readers, he states thatExpand
Congregational conflicts and societal impacts : a case of Evangelical Presbyterian congregation in Ghana
Evangelical Presbyterian Church in Ghana as a case study. The approach of the study was qualitative with individual and group interviews techniques. The findings are that: both central and localExpand
Computational analysis of large and time-dependent social networks
This Thesis applies three state-of-art community detections methods to a large social network and evaluates the quality of the identified communities, and introduces the concept of temporal motifs— recurring patterns of events in temporal networks— that can be used to analyze the meso-scale structure of temporal networks. Expand
Determinants of PhD holders’ use of social networking sites: An analysis based on LinkedIn
Social networking sites are an increasingly important tool for career development, especially for highly skilled individuals. Moreover, they may constitute valuable sources of data for scholars andExpand
Frontiers of Sociological Research on Networks, Work, and Inequality
Purpose – The introductory chapter to this special issue highlights contemporary scholarship on networks, work, and inequality.Methodology – We review the last decade of research on this topic,Expand
Relational influence on entrepreneurial orientation: an exploratory study of small religious enterprises in Brazil
Purpose Entrepreneurial orientation (EO) is highly emerging in the management literature. However, recent studies highlight the necessity to associate with reflections on this theme, usuallyExpand
Migrations de footballeurs et mondialisation : du système-monde aux réseaux sociaux
— Migration of football players and globalisation: from the world system to social networks.— The number of Latin American and African football players in Europe is constantly increasing. TheyExpand
A Percepção e as Estratégias de Ação do Pesquisador de Café em sua Rede Colaborativa The Perception and the Action Strategies of Coffee Researchers in their Collaborative Network
Abstract This study examined the role of perception, its grounds and effects on the logic of the action of researchers when forming partnerships in their underlying Brazilian Consortium network forExpand
A study of inter-firm opportunism in the construction industry
AbstractThe University of Manchester | Elika Aminian | Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)A study of inter-firm opportunism in the Construction Industry21 December 2014The construction industry has beenExpand


The over-socialized conception of man in modern sociology.
  • D. Wrong
  • Sociology, Medicine
  • Psychoanalysis and the psychoanalytic review
  • 1962
The Structure of Social Action
S OCIAL science has suffered from certain major deficiencies. Chief among them has been the lack of a general systematic theory by which to comprehend the generality of social facts and through whichExpand
Economic Action and Social Structure: The Problem of Embeddedness
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