The Myth of Schubert’s Syphilis: A Critical Approach

  title={The Myth of Schubert’s Syphilis: A Critical Approach},
  author={Eva Maria Cybulska},
  journal={Music and Medicine},
  • E. Cybulska
  • Published 28 January 2019
  • Medicine
  • Music and Medicine
This is a critical examination of the diagnosis of syphilis in Schubert's case, a diagnosis for which there has never ben any medical evidence. It was a cnjecture made by an art historian at the begining of the twentieth century that has since been uncritically repeated by subsequent biographers and commentators. This is an attempt to challenge it from the epistemological point of view. At the time of Schubert's death, not only were there no tests for this condition, but even its pathogen… 



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Pox is Deborah Hayden's ambitious attempt to shine some light on the darkness of syphilis, which was life's dark secret in the 19th century.

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