The Myth of Primitivism

  title={The Myth of Primitivism},
  author={Johnny Hutchinson and Susan Hiller},
A distant laughter: the poetics of dislocation.
The subject of this essay began 25 years ago with a somewhat naive curiosity about the centrality of the operations of language in the art practices of certain artists emerging from a traumaticExpand
Congenial Bedfellows? The Academy and the Antiquities Trade
The illicit trade in antiquities and other cultural objects is socially harmful in several respects. Private collectors and museums are generally considered culpable in providing end demand byExpand
Nanook of the North as Primal Drama
The approach Robert Flaherty took to devise and shape his classic film, Nanook of the North [1922], served to codify the emergence of a new film genre, which I have defined in this article as primalExpand
Inscribing exoticism at the Lost City
ABSTRACT This article considers the role of The Lost City theme park in South Africa in terms of its perpetuation of the stereotype of exotic Africa. Although many textual and discursive formationsExpand
Monstrous Crimes, Framing, and the Preventive State: The Moral Failure of Forensic Psychiatry
Monsters and predators frighten, entertain, and disgust us. The idea of a creature that is a volatile mixture of human and animal parts (the monster) triggers our visual and visceral imaginationExpand
John Bull in blackface
For a mid-twentieth century historian of the music hall, blackface minstrelsy was the ‘oddest form of entertainment imaginable’. He found it ‘incomprehensible’ why people during the Victorian periodExpand
In the early decades of cinema, spanning from the 1920s until the late 1950s, Universal Studios became the home of monsters, releasing numerous original films, as well as sequels and spin-offsExpand
Rooting Hybridity: Globalisation and the Challenges of mestizaje and crisol de razas for Contemporary Artists in Ecuador and Argentina
The work of some contemporary artists from Argentina and Ecuador is, in part, related to the issue of appropriation of indigenous cultures in a globalised world. Shifting identity constructions andExpand
Teaching transculturation:: Pedagogical Processes
The development at Sheffield Hallam University of a discrete module entitled ‘Transculturation’ was the result of our determination to address the current debates in art and design history concerningExpand
Promising Monsters: Pregnant Bodies, Artistic Subjectivity, and Maternal Imagination
This paper engages with theories of the monstrous maternal in feminist philosophy to explore how examples of visual art practice by Susan Hiller, Marc Quinn, Alison Lapper, Tracey Emin, and CindyExpand