The Mystique of Transmission: On an Early Chan History and Its Context

  title={The Mystique of Transmission: On an Early Chan History and Its Context},
  author={Wendi Leigh Adamek},
Wendi Adamek’s Mystique of Transmission is a superb contribution to the study of Chinese Buddhism. Massive and masterful, insightful and thorough, articulate and engaging—the scholarship presented here is truly impressive. This is, to be sure, a professionally oriented volume; Adamek makes no effort to make her work accessible to readers outside the field of Chinese Buddhism, or even those outside the field of Chan (Zen) studies, and there is neither introduction nor conclusion explaining the… 
Addressing the Mind: Developments in the Culture of Confession in Sui-Tang China
This article addresses the multivalence of confession-re pentance practice (chanhui 1¢0<) in Chinese Buddhism of the sixth and seventh centuries in light of the polemical reformation of repentance
Power of Patriarchs: Qisong and Lineage in Chinese Buddhism. By Elizabeth Morrison. Leiden: Brill Academic Publishers, 2010. Pp. 305. ISBN 10: 9004183019; 13: 9789004183018.
  • J. Protass
  • Art
    International Journal of Asian Studies
  • 2012
transmission of Zen, whereas in Japan he plays but a minor if important role in a long and illustrious tradition. In his discussion, Ogawa sounds familiar themes found in Suzuki’s works – satori, Zen
The Sūtra on Transforming the Female Form: Unpacking an Early Medieval Chinese Buddhist Text
Abstract:In this article I seek to show that T564, the Sūtra on Transforming the Female Form (Zhuan nüshen jing 轉女身經), is not only a composite text which integrates narrative and doctrinal material
Wholesome Remembrance and the Critique of Memory—From Indian Buddhist Context to Chinese Chan Appropriation
Although the major part of the chapter’s investigation is on the mode and acts of remembering in Chan Buddhism, Wang opens with a survey of the traditional Indian Buddhist context of remembering, its
How Zen Became Zen. The Dispute over Enlightenment and the Formation of Chan Buddhism in Song-Dynasty China (review)
As the dynasty progressed, this factional rhetoric grew more intense but also more multi-layered and nuanced. For example, the first Yuanyou-faction stele of 1102/9, in addition to a gross
A possible Buddhist influence on Chinese political thought
ABSTRACT Proponents of twentieth century Chinese critiques of pre-modern Chinese autocracy could point to one or two earlier examples of negative views of autocratic rule, but the ultimate origin of
Chan Narratives about Death Premonitions and Avoidance of Fate
The article explores the scope, content, and function of prophecies and premonitions presented in Chinese Buddhist literature, with a focus on the Chan school and the late medieval period. It is
Formation and Fabrication in the History and Historiography of Chan Buddhism
The study of Chan/Zen Buddhism has undergone a number of epochal shifts over the course of the last century.1 It is now no secret that the Chan/Zen tradition was initially imagined as the pinnacle of
The Looping Structure of Buddhist Thought (Or, How Chan Buddhism Resolves the Quantum Measurement Problem)
  • R. Sharf
  • Philosophy
    Journal of the American Academy of Religion
  • 2021
Is there a world out there when nobody is looking? This is a question that medieval Buddhist scholiasts struggled with over many centuries, giving rise to a variety of competing positions. In this
Going against the grain:A historical and comparative analysis of renunciationand celibacy in Indian Buddhist monasticisms
This research is concerned with the concept of renunciation and celibacy in Buddhist traditions, and how it has evolved with respect to institutional, social and cultural aspects. The goal of this


The Impossibility of the Given: Representations of Merit and Emptiness in Medieval Chinese Buddhism
ç 2005 by The University of Chicago. All rights reserved. 0018-2710/2005/4502-0003$10.00 Medieval Chinese Buddhist merit discourse and donor practices constitute a diverse and fertile field that
Adamek : The Mystique of Transmission
  • On Early Chan History nad Its Contexts
  • 2007