The Muslim conspiracy theory and the Oslo massacre

  title={The Muslim conspiracy theory and the Oslo massacre},
  author={Liz Fekete},
  journal={Race \& Class},
  pages={30 - 47}
  • Liz Fekete
  • Published 1 January 2012
  • Political Science
  • Race & Class
Anders Behring Breivik, perpetrator of the Norwegian massacre, was motivated by a belief in a Muslim conspiracy to take over Europe. Extreme and aberrant his actions were, but, explains the author, elements of this conspiracy theory are held and circulated in Europe today across a broad political spectrum, with internet-focused counter-jihadist activists at one end and neoconservative and cultural conservative columnists, commentators and politicians at the other. The political fallout from the… 
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Other articles analysing Breivik's views that I have drawn on include Andrew Brown
  • Anders Behring Breivik was in contact with the EDL
This is one of Geert Wilders' favourite refrains. In a speech in Tel Aviv, he said