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The Musical Object Development Environment: MODE (Ten years of music software in Smalltalk)

  title={The Musical Object Development Environment: MODE (Ten years of music software in Smalltalk)},
  author={Stephen Travis Pope},
  • S. Pope
  • Published in ICMC 1994
  • Computer Science
Abstract The author has developed a family of software tool kits for composers with the Smalltalk-80 programming sys-tem over the last decade. The current MODE Version 2 system supports structured composition, flexible graphicalediting of high- and low-level musical objects, real-time MIDI I/O, software sound synthesis and processing, andother tasks. This poster will introduce the MODE and SmOKe, its representation language, and survey the variousend-user applications it includes. The… 
A Framework for Computer-Aided Composition of Space, Gesture, and Sound. Conception, Design, and Applications. (Un système informatique de composition de l'espace, du geste, et du son. Conception, design, et applications. )
A novel paradigm which extends the notion of sound source spatialization from pre-existing sound objects to the spatial micro-structure of sound, referred to as spatial sound synthesis is introduced.


The SmOKE Music Representation, Description Language, and Interchange Format
This description defines SmOKe’s basic concepts and constructs, and presents examples of the music magnitudes and event structures, and describes the MODE environment within which it has been implemented.
Modeling Musical Structures as EventGenerators
Recent work modeling higher-level musical structures in terms of objects that understand specialized sub-languages for creation of—and interaction with—musical structures is described.
The Interim DynaPiano: An Integrated Computer Tool and Instrument for Composers
models of the basic musical quantities (scalar magnitudes such as pitch, loudness or duration) and abstractions for the description of “middle-level” musical structures (e.g., chords, clusters, or trills) are proposed.
Producing Kombination XI: Using Modern Hardware and Software Systems for Composition
The author discusses two topics related to the realization of his composition Kombination XI: A Ritual Place for Live and Processed Voices. The first is his development of a notation system and a set
A Tool for Manipulating Expressive and Structural Hierarchies in Music
The present invention uses rectangular punched paper similar to the first systems and strips generallySimilar to the second system, with at least two studs and female strip holes are offset to prevent lateral displacement of the paper.
The Interim DynaPiano: An Integrated Tool and Instrument for Composers.
  • Computer Music Journal
  • 1992