The Multitude of Problems Occurring after Whiplash Injury (Symptoms, Diagnosis and Therapy)


1)Abbas Montazem MD 2) S.Sadi Tavakoli MD Summery: Approximately 400,000 whiplash injuries occur each year in Germany.(in percentage the same as in Scandinavia) From these 10% require medical treatment. Instability of the craniocervical junction causes distress that can lead to the inability to work. It is often believed that the patient has a psychological problem, or that the patient is trying for social benefits. Misdiagnosing these patients is supported by complex cranio-cephalic symptoms without obvious pathomorphological findings. Knowledge of the typical symptomatology, application of special neurootological examinations, as well as particular imaging techniques is a guarantee for a correct diagnosis. Following conservative treatment a stabilizing operation may be indicated for better quality of life, improved health, and reduction in the consumption of analgesics. The results of surgical stabilization of cranio-cervical junction are encouraging. Instability of the cranio-cervical junction deserves more attention, special examinations should be carried out routinely and the indication for an operation made earlier. INTRODUCTION The rising traffic volume in the industrial nations of central Europe is responsible for increasing injuries. Statistics reveal that whiplash injuries are found in every third accident (1). Simple whiplash injuries often heal spontaneously. In some cases, however, there are complicated fractures of the vertebrae with or without neurological damages. In these cases, diagnosis is made in the emergency-room without difficulties, and adequate treatment can soon be started. Some patients, however, might have suffered from a structural instability caused by a torn or an abnormally stretched ligament in a certain part of the neck, and where damaged bones and nerves are not to be found. These injuries can cause lasting symptoms that might not respond to conventional treatment.

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