The Multiplus/Mulplix Parallel Processing Environment

  title={The Multiplus/Mulplix Parallel Processing Environment},
  author={J{\'u}lio S. Aude and Alexandre Malheiros Meslin and Claudio M. P. Santos and G. Bronstein and L. F. M. Cordeiro and M. O. Barros and M. Joao and S. C. Oliveira},
The MULTIPLUSproject aims at the development of a modular parallel architecture suitable for the study of several aspects of parallelism in both true shared memory and virtual shared memory environments. The MULTIPLUS architecture is able to support up to 1024 Processing Elements based on SPARC microprocessors. The MULPLIX Unix-like operating system offers a suitable parallel programming environment for the MULTIPLUS architecture by providing facilities for the creation of threads, the… CONTINUE READING