The Multiple-Faces configuration illusion in schizophrenic patients


The Multiple-Faces Configuration Illusion is observed by staring at a black dot while paying attention to a face in the peripheral visual field (Simas, 2000). Changes of facial expressions, movements, depth (EMF) or different face identities (MF) are observed in this illusion. Forty participants took part in the study: 20 outpatients diagnosed with schizophrenia, and 20 people helping friends or relatives in a hospital clinic. The face-stimulus was placed in a partition stand and participants instructed to describe any visual event occurring during 90 s, one eye at a time. Results showed that 100% of women in the experimental group (EG) reported perceiving events related to MF with the left eye. Significantly fewer women saw these events with the right eye. Also, fewer men in the experimental group and men and women in the control group saw these events with either eye.

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