The MultiView Project: Object-Oriented View Technology and Applications

  title={The MultiView Project: Object-Oriented View Technology and Applications},
  author={Elke A. Rundensteiner and Harumi A. Kuno and Young-Gook Ra and Viviane Crestana-Taube and Matthew C. Jones and Pedro Jos{\'e} Marr{\'o}n},
  booktitle={SIGMOD Conference},
The MultiView Project is an ongoing 5-year NFS-ftrnded effort at the University of Michigan to develop and apply object-oriented view technology to address the needs of recently emerging applications such as data warehousing and workflow management systems that require the sharing, virtual restructuring, and caching of data [5]. Through Multi-View, users can dynamically create and modify virtual classes and schemata at any time (Figure 1). MultiView, which is fully implemented on top of the… CONTINUE READING
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