The Moral Power of Soldiers to Undertake the Duty of Obedience*

  title={The Moral Power of Soldiers to Undertake the Duty of Obedience*},
  author={Yitzhak Benbaji},
  pages={43 - 73}
This essay develops a contractarian response to Jeff McMahan’s critique of the traditional war convention. Contractarianism asserts, first, that an outcome in which the current war convention is accepted is better for all relevant parties than any other feasible outcome; second, that the war convention is fair; third, that soldiers accept the existing convention; fourth, that soldiers’ acceptance of the convention equalizes their moral status within wars vis-à-vis each other. The essay… Expand
The Case Against Privatization
This article develops a non-instrumental argument against privatization of certain forms of political violence. Its primary foci are the privatization of prisons and the use of mercenaries in wars.Expand
Justified killing in an age of radically asymmetric warfare
The growing ability of the US to kill with impunity in war has prompted some to question whether such advantage challenges the moral justifications for inter-combatant violence. This scholarship,Expand
Toward a Collectivist National Defense
Most philosophers writing on the ethics of war endorse “reductivist individualism,” a view that holds both that killing in war is subject to the very same principles of ordinary moralityExpand
Just War and Unjust Soldiers: American Public Opinion on the Moral Equality of Combatants
Abstract Traditional just war doctrine holds that political leaders are morally responsible for the decision to initiate war, while individual soldiers should be judged solely by their conduct inExpand
The Common Defense Paradigm: A Moral Approach to the Culpable Threat Problem
Philosophers ascribing to an individualist account of the morality of war claim that the individual is the fundamental unit of moral analysis and that all states rights are reducible to individualExpand
Just War Theory: Revisionists versus Traditionalists
Contemporary just war theory is divided into two broad camps: revisionists and traditionalists. Traditionalists seek to provide moral foundations for something close to current international law, andExpand
Commonsense Morality and the Ethics of Killing in War: An Experimental Survey of the Israeli Population
The morality of killing in war, which has been the subject of debate among philosophers and legal scholars, focuses on two main approaches: the “traditional” and the “revisionist.” The traditionalExpand
War Crimes and Just War Theory
Revisionist just war theory has gained considerable traction in recent years, debunking long-standing principles in the morality of war. This development cannot be ignored by war crimes lawyers.Expand
The Ethics of War: A New Individualist Rights-Based Account of Just Cause and Legitimate Authority
My thesis focuses upon the ad bellum criteria of just cause and, to a lesser extent, legitimate authority. I begin by developing an account of the individual right to self-defence, grounded upon theExpand
Necessity and non-combatant immunity
  • Seth Lazar
  • Political Science
  • Review of International Studies
  • 2013
Abstract The principle of non-combatant immunity protects non-combatants against intentional attacks in war. It is the most widely endorsed and deeply held moral constraint on the conduct of war. AndExpand


Liability and Just Cause
  • T. Hurka
  • Sociology
  • Ethics & International Affairs
  • 2007
This paper is a response to Jeff McMahan‘s “Just Cause for War” (Ethics & International Affairs 19, 2005). McMahan holds, as many have, that there is a just cause for war against group X only if XExpand
Responsibility and collaboration
Au-dela des arguments du consequentialisme de l'action et du non-consequentialisme concernant le dilemme Jim et les Indiens developpe par B. Williams contre la doctrine de la responsabilite negative,Expand
A Defense of the Traditional WarConvention
  • Ethics and International Affairs
  • 2007
This sketch is indebted to David Lewis
  • Convention
  • 1969