The Moral Community of the Teyyattam: Popular Culture in Late Colonial Malabar

  title={The Moral Community of the Teyyattam: Popular Culture in Late Colonial Malabar},
  author={Dilip M. Menon},
  journal={Studies in History},
  pages={187 - 217}
Acknowledgements: For comments on this paper, both in its period of gestation as well as its long hibernation, I am grateful to G. Arunima, Neeladri Bhattacharya, Peter Burke, Nivedita Menon, Polly O’Hanlon, Sumit Sarkar and Tanika Sarkar. Francis Buchanan M.D., travelling through Malabar in 1800, observed that caste restrictions and the violence arising from them were so rampant that an upper taste Nayar could cut down a lower caste man if the latter dared to appear on the road at the same… 

A post-colonial instance in globalized North Malabar: is teyyam an “art form”?

Abstract The ritual of the teyyams, in north Kerala, has been referred to as “art form,” “folk art,” “ritual art,” and such, not only by tourist guides and leaflets, but also by academic works and,

The rise of the national-popular and its limits: communism and the cultural in Kerala

The emergence of the communist movement in Kerala, India in a society that was characterized by immense divisions of caste and class is significant for understanding social transformation. What is of

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The decades of collective victimhood and trauma that the oppressed lower caste members in the southern state of India (Kerala) suffered in silence were less known to the world until the

Traces of reflexive imagination: Matriliny, modern law, and spirit worship in South India

Matriliny in South India is often considered as having declined in the course of modernization. Recent studies, however, highlight the social construction of matriliny by modern legal discourse. As

Playing Nativized Bodies: Performative Body as Disjuncture in the Indian Liberalization Regime

Author(s): Parameswaran, Ameet | Advisor(s): Case, Sue-Ellen | Abstract: This dissertation takes the performative body as the site of analysis to critically interrogate the contradictions in the

Feasting Ritually: An Ethnography on the Implications of Feasts in Religious Rituals

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Food and feast are integral and key components of human cultures across the world. Feasts associated with religious rituals have special social and cultural significance when compared to those in any

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Abstract Traditional Indian aesthetic theory (Kumar 2010; Pollock 2016; Shwartz 2006) defines rasa as a knowledgeable audience's taste of aesthetic pleasure, and bhava as the actor's performance of

The Syntactic Roles of Touch in Shared Festivals in Kerala

The following discussion of touch as a syntactic-semantic unit in ritual structures is based on an analogy of ritual and language postulating a 'deep structure' or a 'universal grammar' for rituals

Performing Disfiguration: Staging of relationalities in Pottan Teyyam

The paper will focus on Pottan Teyyam, a ritual healing performance practice in South-Indian state, Keralam, to analyze the complexities of what I call ‘performing disfiguration’. Pottan is one of ...

Perspectives sur l’authenticité et conditions d’efficacité rituelle : Nécessité de convaincre et enjeux de transmission dans le rituel du Teyyam

À partir d’une recherche menée sur les rituels de possession du Teyyam, au Kerala, Inde du Sud, nous examinons en quoi les questions d’authenticité formulées du point de vue des acteurs, et des



Aryan and Dravidian Elements in Malabar Folklore, Kerala Historical Society, Trivandrum, 1977, for an account of teyyattams still held in north Malabar as purely religious performances

    Conjunctural community: Communism in Malabar

    • Economic and Political Weekly
    • 1934

    See Menon, Caste, Nationalism and Communism