The Monkey Trial Myth: Popular Culture Representations of the Scopes Trial

  title={The Monkey Trial Myth: Popular Culture Representations of the Scopes Trial},
  author={L. Maren Wood},
  journal={Canadian Review of American Studies},
  pages={147 - 164}
  • L. Wood
  • Published 2 January 2019
  • History
  • Canadian Review of American Studies
During the summer of 1925, The Nation told its readers that the famous Scopes trial, or “the battle of Tennessee” as they dubbed it, “may play as significant a part in American history as the Battle of Gettysburg” (“The Battle” 589). The magazine’s prediction may still prove true. To this day, one of the persistent debates in American society has been the subject of the origins of human life and its teaching in the public schools of Amer­ica. Both sides in the dispute over science education… 
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