The Molecular Beam Resonance Method for Measuring Nuclear Magnetic Moments The Magnetic Moments of 3 Li 6 , 3 Li 7 and 9 F 19

  title={The Molecular Beam Resonance Method for Measuring Nuclear Magnetic Moments The Magnetic Moments of 3 Li 6 , 3 Li 7 and 9 F 19},
  author={Isidor I. Rabi and S. E. Millman and Polykarp Kusch and Jerrold R. Zacharias},
  journal={Physical Review},
A new method of measuring nuclear or other magnetic moment is described. The method, which consists essentially in the measurement of a Larmor frequency in known magnetic fields, is of very general application and capable of the highest precision in absolute and relative measurements. The apparatus consists of two magnets in succession which produce inhomogeneous magnetic fields of oppositely directed gradients. A molecular beam of the substance to be studied possesses a sigmoid path in these… 

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