The Modi-centric BJP 2014 election campaign: new techniques and old tactics

  title={The Modi-centric BJP 2014 election campaign: new techniques and old tactics},
  author={Christophe Jaffrelot},
  journal={Contemporary South Asia},
  pages={151 - 166}
  • C. Jaffrelot
  • Published 3 April 2015
  • History
  • Contemporary South Asia
The 2014 election campaign of the BJP was unprecedented not only because, for the first time, a Chief Minister was the prime ministerial candidate of one of the national parties in the fray and tried to promote his state achievements in terms of development across the nation, but also because the party relied on the personality of its leader more than any other party since the Congress under Indira Gandhi. Narendra Modi broke with the BJP's collegial tradition in several ways. He marginalised… 

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The concept of personalisation in politics has been well researched, where the candidate as an individual becomes more important to the electorate than the political party or affiliated policies.



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