The Modern Trends of Development of the Pipe and Tube Industry


Great efforts have been recently made in the world of metallurgy in order to reduce raw material consumption and particularly energy consumption. Although most metallurgical products are produced by the proved procedures of plastic forming, some changes appear owing to the following requirements: – improvement of product quality, – reduction of production costs, – increase of productivity as well as capacity, yield and equipment availability, – higher flexibility concerning the production program. The requirements for the quality parameters of hot and cold formed steel and non-ferrous metals increasingly insist upon 1 : – optimisation of chemical composition, – improvement of purity grade concerning the nonmetal inclusions, oligo-elements and gas contents, – restricted mechanical properties, – more suitable and more uniform structure, less segregations, – closer dimensional tolerances for: section, width, length, (wall thickness for pipes), – improved straightness for flat products, – section shape according to the forming procedure, – improved surface quality (additional by grinding and polishing), – surface treatment (coating by metals, plastics, varnish, etc.). Intensive researches in the plastic forming theory and particularly in the process technology development are carried out in order to achieve these high requirements 2, 3 . Nowadays, basic characteristics of world steel production and plastic forming are specified through automation and processes management by means of computers. Actually, computer engineering and technology is a big and significant innovation in the recent years of metallurgy, the innovation being introduced with a great speed. In these days there are no single segment in up-to-date iron works without computers used for informing or processing managements. Production units or production lines without computers are considered to be out-of-date, because of small productivity, inefficiency and high costs. In developed countries, the computers participate with about 90 % in the managing of metallurgical processes in steel producing and plastic deformation. Therefore, the purpose of this article is to present a review of steel tubes production, especially urgent problems of the pipe and tube industry.

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