The Modern Language Association of America (MLA)

  title={The Modern Language Association of America (MLA)},
  author={Eve Kushner},
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Practical Tips That are Never Given to Make anInteresting and Delicious Scientific Paper
While multiple conventions that can be used to prepare a manuscript are suggested, some of the most important are almost never explicitly stated. This article shows, through metaphors, two of these
Not What It Used to Be: The Future of Spanish Language Teaching
Abstract:Since 1970, higher education in general, and Spanish departments in particular, have experienced a seismic shift, with skyrocketing student enrollment and dramatic increases in the numbers
A Survey on Postsecondary Korean Language Programs in the United States
Students of the less commonly taught languages (LCTLs) retain higher motivation in learning (Bao & Lee, 2012; Brown, 2009; Liu & Shibata, 2008; Murphy, Back, & Garrett-Rucks, 2009; Nunn, 2013), but
Software Intensive Humanities
Software-intensive methods hold profound implications for humanities research, as they do for science. By placing advanced technology between the observer and the observed, enhancing (or in some
How Students Develop Skill and Identity in an Agricultural Communications Writing Course
Writing is more than a means of communication. It is one way students can gain knowledge and develop their personal and professional identity. The purpose of this study was to understand students’
A Pedagogy of Multiliteracies: Second Language and Literacy Acquisition
The observation of Mandarin-learning students' performance and conversations with them suggest that introducing certain vocabulary, expressions and knowledge from outside the textbook can enhance their active learning.