The Modern Compound Bow

  title={The Modern Compound Bow},
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Bows and arrows are ancient weapons that have risen and fallen as the preeminent armaments used by man. Because of the ubiquity of firearms, fatalities from archery injuries in the United States have radically declined. However, when deaths involving this weapon do present themselves, the paucity of reference materials can be a hurdle for forensic pathologists and other forensic scientists. This article will provide a brief history of the origins of the bow and the inception of the compound bow… 
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Indications of bow and stone-tipped arrow use 64 000 years ago in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

The invention of the bow and arrow was a pivotal moment in the human story and its earliest use is a primary quarry of the modern researcher. Since the organic parts of the weapon – wood, bone, cord

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Characteristic for the bow are the slender elastic arms or limbs. The bow is braced by putting a string shorter than the bow between the tips of the limbs. Additional deformation energy is stored in

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It is shown that, when isolated, neither the production of a simple bow, nor that of a stone-tipped arrow, can be reasonably interpreted to indicate tool behaviour that is cognitively more complex than the composite artefacts produced by Neanderthals or archaic modern Homo.

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