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The Model Development of Blended Learning by Using Facebook (MBL-fb) at Teacher Training and Educational Collage in The Institutional of Islamic Colleges

  title={The Model Development of Blended Learning by Using Facebook (MBL-fb) at Teacher Training and Educational Collage in The Institutional of Islamic Colleges},
  author={Milya Sari and Lufri and Ahmad Fauzan and Eri Barlian},
  journal={Applied Science and Technology},
In fact, many students use Facebook for not positive reason while this kinds of social media can improve their learning creativity and motivation. This model development also improve the quality of learning process. The purpose of this research is to find a valid model of blended learning with Facebook (MBL-fb), the practical and effectiveness through the model development process. This development research model adapted the Ploomp Model. The research data was taken by doing observation, using… 

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